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Adar 21

Purim Narbonne, escape from mob, 1236, oldest private purim, Adar I

Hungary agrees to deport Jews to Nazis, 1944

Edict of Valencia Spain, gave Jews rights, 1239

Death of R. Elimelekh of Lizhensk, 1787, Noam Elimelekh

Death of R. Isaac Elchanan Spektor, Kovno, 1896, Be'er Yizhak

Birth of Lady Esther Stanhope, converted to Judaism, 1776

Birth of Carl Gutzkow, 1811, Uriel Acosta

Death of Gabriel Salvador, French captain of artillery, 1889, Adar I

Death of Moses Salzer, Weimar Landesrabbiner, Stadt-Lengsfeld, 1902, Adar I