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Av 11

Start of German pogroms, 1819

Assembly of Jewish notables opened in Paris, 1806

A decree against usury, aimed at the Jews, issued in Saxony, 1811

Riots against the Jews at Wurzburg, 1819

Death of R. Simhah b. Abraham, poet, 1784

Death of R. Isaac Blaser, Musar movement, 1907, Peri Yizhak

Death of Rebecca Kohut, writer, 1951

Death of R. Ephraim Kohen, Modena, 1728

Birth of Heinrich Landesman, author (Hieronymus Lorm), Nikolsburg, 1821

Death of Bailius (Bezalel) Stern, pedagogue, Odessa, 1853

Birth of Abraham Danon, president of the rabbinical seminary in Constantinople, 1857

Death of U. S. Grant, President of the United States, known by an anti-Jewish order, 1885

Death of Isaac Margolis, Hebrew author, New York, 1887