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Av 15

Tu B'Av

End of dying in the desert, 1274 BCE

Day of the Breaking of the Axe, last day to gather wood for the Temple

First day to harvest grapes for winemaking

Matchmaking Day

Betar dead burial, 148

Israelites camp at Divon Gad

Jeroboam's roadblock to Jerusalem ended by King Hosea, 574 BCE

Bialystok Ghetto massacre, 1943

Lionel Rothschild, admitted into the English Parliament, 1858

Cochin India Jews get shipment of books and Torahs, annual holiday

Death of Samson Wertheimer, charitable Hofjude, Vienna, 1724

Death of R. Simcha Calimani, author, Venice, 1784

Birth of Felix Adler, founder of ethical culture society, Aizey, 1851

Death of Carl Feust, prominent attorney, Bavaria, 1872