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Av 25

Wolfsberg Austria massacre, 1338

British bombardment kills many Jews in Copenhagen, 1807, memorial day

Anne Frank discovered by Nazis, 1944

Laws regulating the condition of the Jews issued in Saxony, 1838

Charter (Schutzbrief) issued by which the congregation of Altona was founded, 1641

Death of R. Isaiah Menahem b. Isaac of Cracow (Mendel Avigdors), 1599, Hetter ishkah

Death of R. Samuel David Ottolengo of Venice, Padua, 1718, Kriyah Na'emanah

Death of Jacob b. Abraham Koppel, Hungarian leader, 1799

Death of Jozef Israels, painter, 1911

Death of Solomon Plessner, leader of Neo-Orthodoxy, Posen, 1939

Death of John Buxtorf, Jr., learned Christian Hebraist, Basel, 1664

Birth of Meyer Carl von Rothschild, member of German Reichstag, Frankfurt, 1820

Death of R. Jacob Ornstein, Talmudic author, Lemberg, 1839

Death of Meier Aaron Goldschmidt, Danish ghetto novelist, 1887

Death of Elise Henle, German poet, 1892