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Cheshvan 11

Jewish Mother's Day

Death of Rachael

Birth of Benjamin

Noah enters ark

Death of Methuselah, 969 yrs old

The Jewish Theological Institute at Vienna opened, 1893

Reactionary law in regard to the Jews enacted in Hanover, 1842

Death of R. Menachem Nahum of Chernobyl, 1797, Ma'or Einayim

Death of Abraham Oppenheimer, rabbinical author, Hanover, 1786

Birth of I. N. Mannheimer, the Vienna preacher, Copenhagen, 1793

Death of Meyer Abrahamson, writer on medicine, Hamburg, 1817

Birth of Solomon Friedlander, Reform rabbi, Brilon, 1825

Birth of Benjamin Peixotto, advocate for the rights of the Jews, New York, 1834

Birth of Eduard Brandes, Danish writer, Copenhagen, 1847

Death of Theodor Mommsen, historian and opponent of anti-semitism, Charlottenburg, 1903