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Cheshvan 22

Seminary for teachers opened in Berlin, 1840

Death of R. Moses b. Isaac Judah Levy, 1656, Helkat Mehokek

Death of R. David Solomon Eibenshutz, 1809, Levushei Serad

Death of Hannah Adams, Christian author of a history of the Jews,Boston, 1832

Death of Judah Behak, writer, last of the Maskilim, 1900

Death of Abraham Broda, author of Memoirs, Aussee, 1774

Death of Lob Sundel Pfersche, Talmudic author, Hamburg, 1778

Death of Jacob Beck, author of a popular book on Shehitah Leipnik, 1791

Death of Abraham Kassel, Hebrew mathematical author, Berlin, 1795

Birth of Joseph Cohen, French journalist and writer, 1817

Birth of Leopold Sonnemann, journalist and parliamentarian, Hochberg, 1831

Birth of Gottlieb Bondy, Bohemian politician, Prague, 1832

Death of C. A. Buchholz, Christian champion of Jewish rights, 1843

Death of R. Jacob Joseph Ottinger, Berlin, 1860

Death of Marcus Hirsch, physician and author, son of S. A. Hirsch, Frankfurt, 1893

Death of Isaiah Luzzatto, editor of the works of his father, Padua, 1898

Death of Adolph Pollitzer, musician, 1900