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Sigd - Ethiopian Giving of the Law Fesitval

The major theme of Sigd is the giving of the Torah as exemplified in the renewal of the covenant in Nehemiah, by Ezra to the returning exiles. Nehemiah Chapters 8 and 9 are associated with Sigd. Passages related to the law, blessings and curses include Exodus 19-20, Leviticus 26, and Deuteronomy 27. Psalm 122 is known with Agau inserts, a language that pre-dates Ge'ez. Yizkor is said and public and private vows made to help the sick or to bring good weather. Prayer services on hilltops focus on fasting, seeking forgiveness through repentance and the law, so that blessings may follow, and lead to return from exile. Festive meals of stews, breads, and beers end the celebration with music and dancing. Melkom behal!

Sigd Prayerbook

Sigd Inserts to Psalm 122 - English Translation

Biblical Readings Associated with Sigd in English and Hebrew

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