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Elul 24

Clearing of land for Second Temple, 520 BCE, Hag 1:15

Last ghetto (in Rome) ended, 1870

King David marries Bathsheba

Pope John XII burns Talmud and expels Jews from Papal States, 1320

Council of Basil restricts Jewish life, 1434

Harsh persecution in Lvov begins, 1592

Bialystok ghetto liquidation, 1942

Death of R. Israel Meir Kagen, 1933, Hafez Hayyim

Death of Judah Leib Gordon, poet, 1892

Death of R. Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel, 1953, Mishpetei Uziel

Death of Isaac Luntschfltz, rabbinic author, 1815

Death of Daniel L. Lesamanu, German poet, convert, suicide, 1831

Death of Siegfried Hirsch, convert, historian, anti-semite, 1860

Death of Sigmund T. Stein, medical author, Frankfurt, 1891