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Elul 6

Ezekiel vision of the destruction of the Temple

Stalin crushes Yiddishkites, 1952

Surinam grants Jews rights, 1665

Death of R. Yom Tov Lipmann Heller of Cracow, 1654, Tosefot Yom Tov

Death of Shabbetai of Orlo, 1820, Shevet Ahim

Death of R. Moses Mintz of Obuda Hungary, 1831, Maharam Mintz

Death of Jekuthiel Jadah Teitelbaum, 1883, Yitav Lev

Death of Isaac Spira, father-in-law of Meir Lublin, Cracow, 1582

Death of Marchand Ennery, Grand Rabbin of France, Paris, 1852

Death of Solomon Geiger, Abraham Geigers orthodox brother, Frankfurt, 1878

Death of Ferdinand Faikson, Konigsberg, 1900