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Elul 9

Birth and Death of Dan

Nachmanides arrives in Jerusalem, 1267

Gerona Spain massacre, 1391

Jacob Barsimon, first Jew in North America, 1654

Law prohibiting the Shechitah passed in Switzerland, 1893

Death of R. Aaron Corin of Arad Hungary, 1844, Emek ha-Shavah

Death of R. Zadok Rabinowitz of Lemberg, 1900, Peri Zadok

Death of Wolf Nathan, writer of exegetical works, 1783

Death of Leo Ullmann, translator of the Koran, rabbi, Crefeld, 1843

Death of Aaron Chorin, first Reform rabbi, Arad, 1844

Death of Bernard Lazare, champion of Judaism against anti-semitism, Paris, 1903