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Iyyar 1

Rosh Chodesh Iyyar

16th day of the Omer

Second Temple construction began, Ezra 3:8

Plague of Blood

Marah waters, first after exodus, bitter water-bitter tree

Census in Sinai, Num 1:1

First public breaking of Sabbath law, Num 15:32

Resettlement of Jews in Cologne, 1798

Death of R. Schmelke Horwitz, Kabbalist, Nikolsburg, 1778

Death of R. Meir of Rothenberg, 1293

Birth of Sigmund Freud, psychologist, 1856

Death of R. Zevi Hirsch b. Jacob Ashkenazi, Lemberg, 1718, Hakham Zevi

Death of R. Solomon b. Jacob Ayllon, Amsterdam, 1728

Death of Sheftel Hurwitz, Talmudic author, Vienna, 1660

Death of Israel Lyons, astronomer and mathematician, London, 1775

Birth of Abbe Liberman, convert, 1804

Death of Emily Ludwig (Levy), juvenile author, 1839

Birth of Bernhard Alexander, professor of philosophy, Budapest, 1850

Birth of Mordecai Zebi Mane, painter and Hebrew poet, 1859