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Iyyar 16

31st day of the Omer

Manna first fell

Moses writes first Brachah of Birkas Hamazon

Jerusalem wall captured and razed by Titus, 70

Jerusalem plundered by Florus, 66

Dachau liberated, 1945

Nuremberg Laws in effect, 1939

Priests in Coimbra burned Dr. Antonio Homem, a convert to Judaism, 1624

Riot in Algiers, 1897

Death of R. Meir b. Gedaliah of Lublin, 1616

Death of Chaim Tchernowitz (Ish Z'air), 1949, Toledot haHalakhah

Death of Joshua di Silva, Chacham, London, 1679

Birth of Moses Philippson, religious author, 1773

Death of Veitel Heine Ephraim, mint master, Berlin, 1775

Death of Daniel Itzig, Maecenas, Berlin, 1799

Death of Emanuel Deutsch, author of an essay on the Talmud, Alexandria, 1873

Death of David Gordon, Hebrew writer, 1885

Death of Johann Schnitzler, throat specialist, university professor, Vienna, 1893