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Iyyar 19

34th day of the Omer

Death of R. Meir b. Baruch of Rothenburg (Maharam), 1293

Death of Moses Eidlitz, 1786, Melekhet Mahshevet

Death of Alexander Kohut, New York, 1894, Arukh ha-halem

Death of evil Goebbels, cowardly by suicide after murdering his own children, 1945

Death of Mordecai Mokiach, Shabbatean propagandist, Pressburg, 1729

Death of Shabbetai Marini, physician and poet, Padua, 1748

Death of R. Ephraim Willstiltter, author of a history of the Jews, 1862

Death of Samuel Alatri, philanthropist, Rome, 1889