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Iyyar 2

17th day of the Omer

Solomon starts Temple, 2 Chron 3:2

Speyer massacre, first of Crusdaes, 1096

Belsen camp liberated, 1945

Death of R. Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk, 1788, Peri ha-Arez

Death of R. Baruch b. Samuel of Mayence, 1221, Sefer ha-Hakhmah

Death of R. Kalman of Worms, head of Yeshiva of Lemberg, 1560

Death of Isaac Abrabanel, 1573

Death of Abraham Baer Gottlober (Abag), poet, Bialystock, 1899

Abraham Lopez Pereira and Isaac da Fonseca were burned, 1682

Birth of Johann Jacoby, German politician, Koenigsberg, 1805

Birth of Eugene Manuel, poet and pedagogue, Paris, 1823

Birth of Sabbato Morais, leader of American Orthodoxy, Leghorn, 1823

Birth of Abraham Berliner, Jewish historian, Obersitzko, 1832

Death of Alois Jeiteles, physician and writer, Brunn, 1858

Death of Alexander von Humboldt, author, friend of the Jews, 1859

Death of Joseph Wolff, English missionary, convert, 1862

Death of Moses Eisman, Hebrew author, 1893

Death of Baron Moritz von Cohn, banker of Emperor William, 1900