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Iyyar 22

37th day of the Omer

First real Shabbat in Sinai, Exod 16:27

Edict of Benedict XIII, restricted Jewish life, 1415

Start of Portuguese Inquisition, 1536

Death of R. Zevi of Vilna, 1733, Bet Lehem Yehudah

Death of R. Aaron b. Solomon Amarillo, 1772, Penei Aharon

Death of R. Judah Leib, 1826, Likkutei Maharil

Birth of Jacques Fromental Halevy, composer, 1799

Birth of Solomon Munk, Orientalist, member of Academy of France, Glogau, 1803

Birth of Richard Wagner, composer and anti-semite, 1813

Birth of Joseph Neuwirth, Austrian politician and political economist, Triesch, 1839

Birth of Adolf Baginsky, physician, university professor, Berlin, 1843

Death of David Frankel, editor of Sulamith, Dessan, 1865

Death of Friedrich Karl Stahl, alienist, convert, Karthaus-Prill, 1873

Death of Martin Eduard von Simson, President of German Reichstag, convert, 1899