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Iyyar 26

41st day of the Omer

Six Day War begins, 1967

May Laws of Alexander III issued, 1882

Brussels massacre, 1370

Mayence massacre, 1096

Laws enacted in Holland compelling communities to organize public schools, 1817

Cherem prohibited in Austria, 1783

Russian edict adding one hundred and one towns to the Pale promulgated, 1903

Death of Sa'adia ben Joseph (Rav Saadia Gaon), 942

Death of Moses Hayyim Luzatto, poet, 1747, Mesillat Yesharim

Death of R. Josua Hayyim Kasovsky, Mishnah Concordance, 1960

Birth of J. G. Fichte, philosopher and anti-semite, 1762

Death of R. Saul Halevi, Hague, 1785

Death of R. Isaac Spitz, author, Jungbunzlau, 1842

Death of Leone Levi, juristic writer, London, 1880