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Iyyar 6

21st day of the Omer

British Mandate over Palestine granted, San Remo Day, 1920

Invasion starts War of Independence, 1948

Cordova Spain massacre, 1013

Death of R. Levi b. Gershom (Ralbag, Gersonides), 1344

Death of R. Samuel b. David ha-Levi of Mezhirech, 1681, Nahalat Shivah

Death of R. Isaac Ha-Levi Horowitz (Hurwitz) of Brody, 1767

Death of R. Joshua Ha-Kohen Perahyah, 1810, Vayikra Yehoshua

Death of Nelly Sachs, 1970, Nobel poet

Death of R. Abraham Katsenelenbogen Ashkenazi, Lemberg, 1637

Birth of Joseph Franco, violinist, 1816

Death of Solomon Lowisohn, author of a Jewish history, Vienna, 1822

Birth of Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States, known for an anti-Jewish document, 1822

Death of Isaac da Costa, Dutch poet, Amsterdam, 1860

Death of Isidore Calisch, American rabbi, 1886

Death of Abr. Warshawski, manufacturer and philanthropist, St. Petersburg, 1888

Gustav Freytag, author, 1895, Soil und Haben