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Kislev 1

Rosh Chodesh Kislev

Plague of boils

Talmud in Kamienetz burned through the efforts of the Frankists, 1757

Law requiring the Jews to adopt a family name in Austria issued, 1787

Jews' College in London opened, 1855

Servian law forbids the residence of the Jews in interior, 1861

Death of R. Shalom Shakhna b. Joseph, talmudist, 1558

Death of Jacob Cohen, poet, 1960

Death of Samuel ben Zebi, of Cracow, publisher of the Talmud with parallel passages, Frankfurt, 1703

Death of Thomas Abbt, friend of Mendelssohn, 1766

Birth of Heinrich Ewald, Christian author of a "History of Israel," Gottingen, 1803

Death of Karl von Rotteck, historian, opponent of Jewish emancipation in Baden, Freiburg, 1840

Death of James von Rothschild, Paris, 1868

Death of Louis Lowe, Montefiore's secretary, London, 1888

Death of Joseph Klingenstein, pedagogical writer, 1890

Death of Chayim Nathan Dembitzer, historian, Cracow, 1892

Death of Jacques Wiener, engraver, Brussels, 1899