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Kislev 12

Death of Solomon Luria, Maharshal, 1573, Yam Shel Shelomoh

Death of Karl August, Prince Hardenberg, liberal Prussian Jewish rights of 1812, 1822

Death of Solomon Schechter, 1915, Cairo Genizah

Death of Dr. Ben-Zion Mosenson, writer, 1942

Death of R. Abba Hillel Silver, Zionist, 1963

Death of Isaac Lampronti, author of Talmudical lexicon, Ferara, 1756

Birth of Anton Rubinstein, composer, convert, 1830

Death of Hermann Todesco, philanthropist, Vienna, 1844

Death of M. B. Friedenthal, merchant and Jewish writer, Breslau, 1859

Death of Arsene Darmestetter, French philologist, 1888