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Kislev 14

Persian Jews persecuted by Shah Abbasi, 1619

Reuben born, 1568 BCE

Death of Joseph Shalom Gallego, poet, 1624

Death of R. Solomon Zalman Abel, 1882, Bet Shelomoh

Death of Abraham Michael Sharkansky, poet, 1907

Martyr Abba torn to pieces by a dog in Ispahan, 1619

Death of Manasseh ben Israel, champion of Jews, Middelburg, 1657

Death of Tebele ben Wolf, rabbinical writer, Altona, 1699

Death of Jacob Frank, founder of a Judeo-Christian sect, Offenbach, 1791

Birth of Isaac Pereire, financier and politician, Bordeaux, 1806

Death of Jacob Kohen Lakri, French consul, 1836

Death of Moses Korner, author, Breslau, 1836

Death of Benedict Zuckermaun, teacher at rabbinical seminary, Breslan, 1891

Death of Deborah Romm, Hebrew publisher, Wilna, 1903

Death of Heinrich Landesmann (Hieronymus Lorm), author, touch language for blind, Brno, 1902