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Kislev 19

Rosh Hashonah of Chassidim, Birth of Chassidism

Shneur Zalman of Liadi released from jail legalizing Hasidism, 1798

Death of DovBer, The Maggid of Mezhirech, 1771

Death of R. Abraham b. Moses Halpern Ashkenazi, 1649, Ahavat Zion

Death of Jehuda Pinchas, painter, 1793

Birth of Adolph von Sonnenthal, Vienna actor, Budapest, 1834

Death of A. L. Friedland, Maecenas and philanthrophist, 1899

Death of Isaac Askenasy, painter, Moscow, 1902

Death of Moses Basilewsky, Russo-Jewish author, Odessa, 1902

Death of Solomon Lob, financier and philanthropist, New York, 1903