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Kislev 21

Yom Mt. Gerizim, victory over Samaratins, 331 BCE, ancient festival

Council of Claremont, Pope Urban II calls for Crusades, 1095

Finland grants Jews rights, 1917

Death of R. Moses of Lublin, 1668, Mahadura Batra

Death of R. Benjamin Rapoport of Berezhany of Galicia, 1770, Gevulot Binyamin

Death of R. Jacob Meir Padua of Brisk, 1854, Mekor Hayyim

Death of Leopold Stein, poet, Frankfurt, 1882

Death of Isaac Levovich Ashkenazi, painter, 1902

Birth of Leon Gordon, Hebrew poet, Wilna, 1837

Death of Paul de Lagarde, learned Orientalist and anti-semite, Gottingen, 1891

Death of Joseph Cohen, French journalist and author, Paris, 1899