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Kislev 25

Chanukah 1

Mishkan completed

Cain kills Abel

Tabernacle completed by Moses

First pagan sacrifice on Temple, 168 BCE

Death of R. Solomon Zalman, father of Gaon of Vilna, talmudist, 1758

Order of expulsion from Spain 1492 officially voided, 1968

Death of R. Moses Israel of Rhodes, 1781, Moshe Yedaber

Death of Jacob Israel of Kremenets Russia, 1799, Shevet me-Yisrael

Death of R. Abraham b. Elijah (Gaon) of Vilna, 1808, Midrash Aggadat Bereishit

Death of Baruch b. Jonah Zeitelis (Jeiteles), 1813, Prague, Ammudei ha-Shahar

Death of R. Jacob Ettlinger, 1871, Altona, Bikkurei Ya'akov

Death of R. Hayyim Hezekiah Medini, 1904, Sedeh Hemed

Birth of Steven Spielberg, director, 1946

Death of R. N. Rabbinowitz, critic of Talmudic texts, Kiew, 1888

Death of Heinrich Deutsch, Hungarian Hebrew writer, Budapest, 1889