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Kislev 27

Chanukah 3

Israel's Mayflower (SS Ruslam) lands, 1919

Pale of Settlement created by Catherine II, 1791

Flood rains stop?

First Pentateuch published in Venice, 1517, Mikraot Gedolot

Jews expelled from Breslau, 1738

Death of R. Raphael Solomon Zeror, 1737, Peri Zaddik

Death of Judah Leib Levin (Yehalel), poet, 1925

Birth of Ludwig Robert, dramatist, brother of Rahel, Berlin, 1778

Birth of Sebastian Brunner, clerical anti-semite, Vienna, 1814

Death of Isaac Plesguer, translator into Hebrew, Breslau, 1830

Death of R. Hirsch B. Fassel, author, 1883, Or Kanisza

Death of Max Orunbaum, writer on Yiddish literature, Munich, 1898