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Kislev 7

King Jeroboam burns Torah, 603 BCE, minor fast day

Armistice ending WWI, 1918

Death of evil Herod, 3 BCE, ancient holiday

Reform service in the house of Berr forbidden by police, 1815

Death of R. Judah Aryeh Leib b. David of Amsterdam, 1709, Gur Aryeh

Death of Marcus Baer Friedenthal, 1859, Ikkarei Emunah

Death of R. Jacob Moses Harlap, 1951, Bet Zevul

Russian law concerning the education of rabbis, 1844

Death of Lady Hanna Roseberry (nee Rothschild), 1890

Death of Moriz Wahrmann, Hungarian politician, Budapest, 1892