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Kislev 9

9th day of 9th month at 9th hour, open shefa

Death of Abraham b. Meir, Der Shtehendiger Chosid, 1813

Death of R. Isaac Grosshaber, 1825, Makel No'am

Death of R. Dov Baer Schneersohn of Lubavich, Middle Rebbe, 1827, Imrei Binah

Death of Moses Mordecai Margalioth, Talmudic author, Cracow, 1616

Death of Thomas de Pinero, learned Marrano, Amsterdam, 1679

Death of Mordecai Zahalon, physician and poet, Ferrara, 1748

Birth of Lina Morgenstern, champion of Woman's rights, Breslau, 1830

Death of Abraham Kuenen, exegete and writer of a Jewish history, Christian, Leiden, 1891