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Nisan 1

Rosh Chodesh Nisan

Creation of Man in Thought

Tabernacle set up permanently, Exod 40:17

Death of Miriam

Consecration of Aaron and sons, Lev 9:1

First red heifer mitzvah

Sanctuary of Ezekiel Temple purified

Pur cast for Jews fate

Seven year famine ends for King Jehoram, 2Kings 8:1, Joel 1:4

Egypt given to Babylon for wages

Hezekiah begins Temple consecration, 2 Chron 29:17

Bigthan and Teresh plot to kill Xerxes discovered by Mordechai

Nehemiah and Ezra leave Jerusalem, 457 BCE, Ezra 7:9

Deaths of Nadab and Abihu, 1312 BCE

Altar dedication and firewood from tribe of Judah

Israelites camp at Kadesh, Num 20:1

King Cyrus of Babylonia crowned, 538 BCE

Moses the Braider, Przemysl Poland, martyred, 1630

Death of R. Saul Shiskes of Vilan, 1797, Shevil ha-Yashar

Death of R. Joseph Hochgelehrter, 1806, Mishnat Hakhamim

Death of Anne Frank, typhus, 1945

Birth of Jerry Lewis, comedian, 1926

Birth of Herzka b. Abba, commentator on Midrash Rabboth, Lemberg, 1582

Birth of R. Joseph Levin Saalschutz, professor, 1801

Birth of Moritz Steinschneider, greatest Jewish bibliographer, Prossnitz, 1816

Death of Solomon Rosenthal, writer and communal leader, Pest, 1845

Death of Adolf Saphir, missionary, nephew of the satirist, London, 1891

Death of Sir Julius Vogel, premier of New Zealand, 1899

Death of Joseph Gruber, medical professor, Vienna, 1900

Death of Joseph Deckert, anti-semitic agitator, Vienna, 1901

Death of Leopold See, French general, Paris, 1904