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Nisan 14

Erev Pesach

Ta'anit Bechorot

Brichat HaChama, blessing of the sun every 28 years at dawn

Birth of Maimonides, 1135

Cain and Abel offer sacrifices

Mayence (Mainz) Germany massascre, 1283

Og relates Lot capture to Abraham

Isaac blesses Jacob and Esau

Naomi and Ruth arrive in Bethlehem, Ruth 1:22

Erfurt massacre, 1349

Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto begins, 1943

Prague massacre, 1389

Death of R. Hayyim Heller, 1960, LeHikre ha-Halakhot

Birth of Hirsh Kalischer, founder of Zionism, 1795

Birth of Gabriel Rieseer, fearless champion of the Jews, Hamburg, 1806

Death of D. A. Rosenthal, convert and author, 1821

Death of Leo Wolf, author of medical works and one of the founders of the "Temple," Hamburg, 1850

Death of Wilhelm Beer, astronomer, Berlin, 1850

Death of Carl Lueger, anti-semite, installed Burgomaster of Vienna, 1897