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Nisan 17

Pesach III (CH''M)

2nd day of the Omer

Haman hanged, 357 BCE

Moses collects Joseph's bones

Abraham returns to Beer Sheva

Death of R. Reuben Kohen b. Hoeshke Katz of Prague, 1673, Yalkut Reuveni

Death of R. Israel Levi b. Moses Zamosc of Brody, astronomer, 1772, Nezah Yisrael

Death of Jacob Eliezer Braunschweig, Talmudic author, Vienna, 1729

Death of Joseph von Geldern, physician, uncle of Heine, Dusseldorf, 1796

Birth of Max Budinger, historian, Cassel, 1828

Death of Ludwig Traube, physician, Berlin, 1876

Death of H. B. Oppenheim, German politician and political economist, 1880

Death of Charles H. B. Alkan, French musician, 1888