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Nisan 21

Pesach VII

6th day of the Omer

Red Sea splits, 1313 BCE, Exod 14:12

Song of Deborah

Moses departs Midian, 1314 BCE

Jacob leaves Laban for Israel, Gen 31:17

David sings to Lord

Sandhedrin formed

Podalia Russia pogrom, 1882

First US synagogue dedicated, Shearith Israel in NY, 1730

Death of R. Daniel of Horodno, 1806, Hamudei Daniel

Death of R. Benjamin Menasseh Levin, 1944, Ozar ha-Geonim

Death of Simon Michael, court Jew, Vienna, 1719

R. Aryeh Lob (Levin Saul), chief rabbi of Amsterdam, 1755

Death of Ephraim Moses Kuh, first modern Jewish poet to write and publish in a Western language, Breslau, 1790

Death of Duke of Sussex, advocate of the Jews, 1843

Death of Baroness Clara de Hirsch, widow of the great philanthropist, 1899

Death of Lazar Atlas, Hebrew essayist, Bialystok, 1904