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Nisan 23

Isru Chag

8th day of the Omer

Maimoun Holiday

Saharane, Kurdish holiday (Seharane), several days of celebration and feasting

Fast day in Cologne, second crusade violence, 1147

First Siddur printed, in Italy, 1486

Death of R. Moses Trani (Mabit) of Safed, 1585, Kiryat Sefer

Death of R. David Deutsch of Budapest, 1878, Goren David

Birth of Baruch Jeitteles, Jewish author, Prague, 1767

Death of Moses Dobruska (Thomas Schonfeld), convert, playwright, Paris, guillotined, 1793

Birth of Ferdinand Lasalle, Social Democratic agitator, 1825

Birth of Theodor Biliroth, known for his hostile judgment in the case of Jewish students and his public stand against antisemitism, 1829

Death of Isaac Lyon Goldamid, advocate of Jewish rights, London, 1859

Death of Julius Barrasch, physician and author, Bucharest, 1863

Death of Suskind Raschkow, Hebrew poet, 1863

Death of David Samoach, author and translator of poems in Hebrew, 1864

Death of Leyser Lazarus, director of rabbinical Seminar, Breslau, 1879

Death of Joseph Goldmark, member of the Austrian Parliament, New York, 1881

Death of R. Solomon Pormstecher, Offenbach, 1889

Death of Cesare Parenzo, Italian senator, Nerva, 1898

Death of Louis Bein, author on political economy, 1900

Death of Chayim M. Horowitz, Hebrew author, Frankfurt, 1904