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Nisan 24

9th day of the Omer

Noachide Laws given

Waters of Marah, Exod 15:23

Daniel vision, prayer answered

First Shabbat in desert

Expulsion of Jews from Spain, 1492

Arab riots in Israel begin, 1921

Explusion of Jews from France by Louis XIII, 1615

Death of R. Moses b. Abraham of Przemysl, 1606, Mattehh Moshe

Death of R. David Ha-Kohen of Jerusalem, 1693, Da'at Kadoshim

Birth of M. J. Schleiden, natural scientist and defender of the Jews, 1804

Birth of R. S. L. Schwabacher, Odessa, 1819

Death of Ignaz Reich, author, Budapest, 1887

Death of Moritz von Goldschmidt, leader of Jewish community, Vienna, 1888

Death of M. Lehmann, publicist, Mayence, 1890

Death of Theodore Klein, medical writer, member of Paris consistory, Paris, 1902