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Nisan 26

11th day of the Omer

Death of Joshua, 1245 BCE (or 25th)

Israeli postal service established, 1948

Death of Ephraim Navon (Nabon) of Constantinople, 1735, Mahaneh Ephraim

Death of R. Jacob Simhah of Kempna, 1877, Sha'arei Simhah

Death of R. Joseph Lowenstein, 1924, Dor, Dor ve-Dorshav

Death of Abraham Nunez Bernal, burnt at Cordova, 1655

Death of Solomon Lipschitz, cantor, wrote book for cantors, Metz, 1758

Birth of Solomon Plessner, leader of modern orthodoxy, Breslau, 1797

Birth of Maurice Lowy, astronomer, Budapest, 1833

Death of Giacomo Meyerbeer, musical composer, 1864

Death of Bruno Bauer, radical theologian and anti-semite, 1882

Death of Joseph Heimann Caro, Talmudic author, Wloclawek, 1895