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Nisan 29

14th day of the Omer

Start of Odessa/Kiev pogroms, 1881

Buchenwald liberated, 1945

Jewish Theological Seminary in New York dedicated, 1903

Death of R. Moses Samson Bacharach, Worms, 1670, Shemen ha-Ma'or

Death of R. Judah b. Joshua Heskiel Bacharach, Seiny, 1846, Nimukei Hagriv

Death of Rachel Sela (Blaustein), poet, 1931

Nicolas Anthoine, protestant clergyman, proselyte, burnt at the stake, Geneva 1632

Death of Solomon Marini, author of a commentary to Isaiah, Padua, 1670

Death of Moses Philippson, author, Dessau, 1814

Death of Jacob Tugendhold, Polish author and director of the rabbinical seminary, Warsaw, 1871

Death of Heinrich Ewald, exegete, Goettingen, 1875

Death of Michael Levi, publisher, Paris, 1875

Death of Francis Henry Goldsmid, member of Parliament, 1878