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Nisan 9

Ezra assembles Jews at Ahava canal before going to Babylon

Carpentras France Purim, escaped mob, 1692

Trier Germany massacre, 1096

Death of R. Joseph b. Phinehas Haan of Cracow, 1637, Yosef Ometz

Death of R. David Pardo of Venice, 1719, Hasdei David

Death of R. Jacob Zevi Yales, 1825, Melo ha-Roim

Death of R. Aryeh Levin (Reb Aryeh), 1969, Father of the Prisoners

Death of John de Rossi, Italian bibliographer, Parma, 1831

Death of Loew Schwab, rabbi in Budapest, 1857

Death of R. Hirsch Ornstein, Lemberg, 1888