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Shevat 14

Death of R. Jacob Joshua Falk, 1756, Penei Yehoshu'a

Suss Oppenheimer, a financier at Wurtemberg, executed, 1738

Death of Jacob Joshua, rabbi at Frankfurt, 1756, Pene Yehoshua

Death of Gumpel Lowisohn, professor in Upsala, Hamburg, 1797

Birth of Jacob Caro, historian, professor at Breslau, 1836

Birth of Mark A. Schneegurt, scientist and author, 1962

Death of Isaac d'Israeli, convert, author, father of Lord Beaconfield, 1848

Death of Baruch Auerbach, founder of orphan asylum, Berlin, 1864

Death of Jacques Herz, pianist, Paris, 1880

Death of Gustav Dore, illustrator of Bible, 1883

Death of Hirsch Rabbinowitz, writer on mathematics, St. Petersburg, 1889

Death of Adolph D'Ennery, prolific dramatist, Paris, 1899