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Shevat 22

Death of Caligula, 41 CE, pagans leave Temple, minor holiday

Livorno (Leghorn) Italy fast for earthquake, 1742

Society "Felix Libertate" for emancipation founded, Amsterdam, 1795

Death of Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, 1859

Death of R. Gabriel Shusterman, 1944, Ben Moshe Yedaber

Death of R. Jacob b. Benjamin Papiers (Jacob Hakohen Poppers) of Frankfurt, 1740, Shev Ya'akov

Birth of Solomon Herxheimer, commentator of the Bible, 1801

Birth of Philipp Jaffe, first Jewish professor of history in Germany, 1819

Death of Meir Josephs, author of a Hebrew-English lexicon, London, 1849

Death of Joseph Lehmann, editor and communal worker, Berlin, 1873

Death of Joshua Rokeaeh, wonder rabbi of Bieleza, 1894