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Shevat 23

War on Benjamin, 1188 BCE

Plotsk (Plock) camp opened, 1941

Prohibition of "Schechita," published in Kingdom of Saxony, 1892

Death of Frumet Meisel, 1625

Death of Abraham Stern, Warsaw, poet, inventor of a calculating machine, 1842

Birth of Mark Spitz, Olympic swimming medalist, 1950

Death of Johann Jacob Rabe, translator of Mishna, 1795

Death of Jehuda Lob Bensew, Hebrew pedagogic author, Vienna, 1811

Death of Leon Saraval, bibliophile, Trieste, 1851

Death of Fisehel Arnheim, member of Bavarian diet, Baireuth, 1864

Death of Michacl Sachs, preacher and writer, Berlin, 1864