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Shevat 29

Code of Theodosius II, 439

Pope Pius V expels Jews from Papal States, 1569

Lodz Ghetto established, 1940

Death of Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah and Youth Aliyah, 1945

Death of R. Nathan Zevi Finkel, Yeshiva of Slobodka, 1927, Etz Peri

Death of R. Eliezer b. Samuel Avila, 1761, Ozen Shemuel

Birth of Ludwig August Franki, German poet, 1810

Birth of Isaac Hirsch Weiss, historian of Talmud, Gross-Meseritsch, 1815

Death of Nathan von Kallir, Austrian politician, 1886

Death of Jaeob Levy, author of a Talmudic dictionary, Breslau, 1892

Death of Moritz Deutsch, cantor and composer of synagogue music, Breslau, 1892