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Shevat 8

Period of Elders ends, Joshua's group, ancient fast day

Death of R. Elijah b. Moses Israel of Alexandria, 1786, Kol Eliyahu

Death of R. Isaac Guetta, 1857, Sedeh Yizhak

Death of Jacob Reischer, rabbi at Metz, 1733

Death of Isaac Zerachjah Azulai, Jerusalem, father of the famous bibliographer, 1769

Birth of Wilhelm Freund, philologist and champion of Jewish emancipation, Kempen, 1806

Birth of Ferdinand Cohn, famous botanist, Breslau, 1828

Death of Moses Budinger, author of religious textbook, Kassel, 1841

Birth of F. H. Cowen, composer, Jamaica, 1852

Death of Sam Lesi, engraver, Florence, 1853

Death of Joseph Schwarz, geographer of Palestine, Jerusalem, 1865

Death of Joseph Baron of Gunzburg, Russian financier, Paris, 1878

Death of Theodor Harbruecker, writer on Arabic-Jewish philosophy, 1880

Death of Philip Brunner, pedagogic writer, Vienna, 1904