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Sivan 13

Blois France massacre, 1171

Chmeilnicki massacres Poland, 1648, minor fast day

Laban catches Jacob at Mt. Gilead, Gen 31:23

During a wedding ceremony at Mantua house collapsed and sixty-seven Jews killed, 1776

Assembly of Jewish notables called by Napoleon, 1806

Death of R. Ephraim b. Jacob Katz, 1678, Sha'ar Ephraim

Death of R. Abraham b. David Yizhaki (Isaak), Jerusalem, 1729, Zera Avraham

Death of Martin Buber, outstanding philosopher, 1965

Death of Prof. Hottinger, investigator of inscriptions on Jewish tombstones and coins (drowned), 1667

Birth of Gabriel Polak, historian and translator, Amsterdam, 1803

Birth of S. Kristeller, M. D., Jewish writer, 1820

Death of Juda Jeiteles, Hebrew writer, Prague, 1838

Death of Joseph Johlson, Jewish pedagogical author, Frankfurt, 1851

Death of Leo Hollander, Hungarian patriot, Eperies, 1887