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Sivan 20

Cossack Uprising begins in Sitch Poland, 1648, lasts 10 years

First ritual murder charge in Europe, Blois France, 1171, fast of Sivan 20

Chmielnicki massacres in Niemirow Poland, 1648, minor fast day

Jerusalem united, 1967

Rabbi Michel killed in Nemirow by Cossacks, 1648

Slaughter in Uman, Russia, 8,000 Jews murdered, 1768

Charter of Toleration, Emperor Joseph II, 1782

Theodore Roosevelt, President United States, receives Jewish delegates in Kishineff affair, 1903

Birth of Moritz von Goldschmidt, financier, Frankfurt, 1803

Death of Lelewel, Polish historian and geographer, friend of the Jews, 1861

Death of Moses Boris, Colonel in the French army, 1884

Death of Samuel Edward Shrimski, politician at Auckland, New Zealand, 1902