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Sivan 26

Resolution for the admittance of Jews in Norway introduced in the Reichstag, 1839

Death of R. Baruch Rapoport of Furth, 1746

Death of R. Pesahya b. David of Cracow, martyr, 1799

Death of R. Zevi Hirsh Horowitz of Frankfurt, 1818, Mahane Levi

Death of R. Isaac b. Hayyim, 1849, Mile de-Avot

Chajim and Joshua Reizeles, executed in Lemberg in a gruesome manner, 1728

Birth of Adolph Jellinek, chief rabbi of Vienna, 1821

Death of Professor de Wette, author, 1849, Introduction to the Old Testament

Death of Isaac Berlin, author of commentary to the Maehzor, Hamburg, 1865

Death of M. J. Schleiden, apologist of Judaism, 1881