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Sivan 27

R. Canina b. T'raydeon killed, one of ten martyrs

Purim of Florence, Jews saved from mob, 1790

R. Akiva imprisoned, 132

Germans invade Lithuania and Latvia, 1941, Memorial Day for Lithuanian Jewry

Death of R. Meir Eisenstadt of Worms, 1744, Or ha-Ganuz

Death of R. Mordecai b. Asher Klatzko, 1883, Tekhelet Mordecai

Death of R. Jacob b. Mordecai Prager, 1898, She'elot Yaakov

Death of R. Meir Ashkenasi, Talmudic author, Eisenstadt, 1744

Death of Abraham Muhr, advocate of moderate reform, Breslau, 1847

Death of Moses Frankfurt, called Mendelsohn, poet and translator, Hamburg, 1861

Death of Moses Tedeachi, Hebrew literature, Trieste, 1898