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Sivan 3

47th day of the Omer

First of the 3 days of bounds, three days of preparation, Exod 19:9

Moses ascends Sinai for a day for first time, Exod 19:3

Moses ascends Sinai second time with Israelites acceptance of Torah, Exod 19:8

Vespasian kills all in Jeircho, 68, Josephus Wars 4:8

Mayence massacre, 1096

Israeli-Syrian ceasefire, 1967

Death of R. Joseph b. Immanuel Ergas, 1730, Divrei Yosef

Death of R. Samuel Adler, 1891

Death of Samuel Low, commentator of the Shulchan Aruch, Boakowitz, 1806

Birth of Wilhelm v. Rothschild, Frankfurt, 1828

Birth of Ludwig Geiger, historian, Breslau, 1848

Death of Angelo Paggi, Jewish writer, Florence, 1867

Death of Solomon Taussig, author, Munich, 1882

Death of R. Samuel Adler, Congregation Emanuel, New York, 1891

Death of Lambert, French general, Paris, 1896