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Sivan 4

48th day of the Omer

Second of the 3 days of bounds

Moses writes first part of Torah, Genesis to Sinai, Exod 24:4

First published Book of Job with Ralbag commentary, 1477

Polish massacres by Bogdan Chmielnicki start, 1648

Religious freedom in Austria promulgated, 1868

Death of R. Solomon b. David de Oliveira, Amsterdam, 1708, Etz Hayyim

Death of Fanny von Arnatein, society leader, 1818

Birth of Israel Hildesheimer, leader of German orthodoxy, Halberstadt, 1820

Birth of Samuel Hirschfelder, painter, Dettensen, 1831

Death of Wolf Hamburger, famous Talmudist, Furth, 1850

Death of Gabriel Polak, pedagogue and author, Amsterdam, 1869