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Sivan 5

Erev Shavuot

49th day of the Omer

Third of 3 days of bounds

Pilgrimage to David's tomb

Death of R. Judah b. Domah, one of ten martyrs

Reuben finds mandrakes in field, Gen 30:14

Moses builds altar and 12 monuments at Sinai, Exod 24:4

Bacharach massacre, 1096

Brussels massacre, 1370

Israel bombs Iraqi nuclear reactor, 1981

Death of R. Gershom Ashkenazi of Metz, 1693, Avodat ha-Gershuni

Death of R. Isaac Vita Cantarini, 1723, Pahad Yizhak

Death of Hayyim and Joshua Reizes of Lemberg, martyrs, 1728

Death of Solomon Ludwig Steinheim, 1866

Death of Joseph Chajim Kitzingen, Casale, 1681

Death of Isaac Chajim Cantarini, author, 1728

Birth of Abraham de Pinto, jurist, 1811

Death of Chajim Mussafia, Talmudical author, Spalato, 1837

Death of Solomon Steinheim, M. P., philosopher and poet, Zurich, 1866

Death of Simon von Winterstein, member of the Austrian House of Lords, 1883