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Tammuz 1

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

Jacob moves to Goshen

Moses strikes rock twice

Vespasian destroys Jotapata, 67, Jewish Wars 3:7

Prussian "Cabinets ordre" forbids Jews to adopt Christian names, 1836

Death of R. Aaron Abba ha-Levi b. Pinehas of Lemberg, 1641

Death of R. Kalnymus Kalman Halevi Epstein of Cracow, 1827, Ma'or va-Shemech

Death of R. Solomon Kluger (Marshak) of Brody, 1869, Sefer ha-Hayyim

Birth of Joseph Israels, Dutch painter, 1824

Death of Max Briill de Domony, great manufacturer, Budapest, 1890

Death of Ludwig Chronegk, German actor, 1891

Death of Betty Paoli (Gluck), poet, convert, 1894