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Tammuz 10

End of Falasha 10-day fast

Algiers fast day, Spanish siege, 1774

King Tzedekiah captured by Babylonians, 586 BCE, Jer 39:4-5

Fire-fast for Frankfurt Jews, escape from damage, 1720

Rabbinical Conference at Frankfurt opened, 1845

Birth of Moses Dobruska, poet, convert, Brunn, 1753

Birth of Louis Loewe, secretary of Moses Monteflore, Zulz, 1809

Death of R. Wolf Boskowitz (Low), Talmudic author, 1818

Death of Anton von Schmid, Hebrew publisher, Vienna, 1855

Death of Lewin Goldschmidt, professor, jurist, Berlin, 1891

Death of L. A. Weiss, German poet, Meran, 1896