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Tammuz 15

Chur, son of Miriam, killed protesting golden calf, first Jew to die in defense of faith

First Jew in England admitted to the bar, Francis H. Goldsmid, 1833

Rhenish states petition for the emancipation of the Jews, l843

Isabella Nunes Alvarez, Madrid, burned, 1632

Death of R. David Tevle b. Jacob Ashkenazi of Aussee Bohemia, 1734, Or ha-Hayyim

Death of Isaac Benjacob, 1863, Ozar ha-Sefarim

Birth of Marc Chagall, painter, 1887

Death of Arjeh Loeb, Metz, 1785, Shaagat Arjeh

Birth of G. I. Ascoli, philologist, Trieste, 1829

Birth of Julius Rodenberg, author, 1831

Death of lsaak Benjacob, bibliographer, Wilna., 1863

Death of Friedrick W. Ghilany, anti-semitic author, 1877

Death of Joaeph Oppenheim, journalist, political economist, Vienna, 1900